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Are you struggling to get that good grade in English? Do you turn in papers and get them back with corrections and scribbles all over it? Would you like to turn in a paper and get it back with an "A+" on it instead? This is for you!

Tip #1: Write an Outline
Start with all you main points jotted down on paper. Organize them however works best: chronologically, order of importance, cause and affect, or by location.

Tip #2: Use Transitions
After you write an outline, the paper is put in sentence form. Add transistions, followed by commas, at the beginning of each paragraph and wherever else needed.

Tip #3: Cool Computers
Once you have a rough draft, it is possible to type it into the computer. You paper will look neater and your teachers will be more impressed. Use a legible font and font size. Cool computers will also have a spelling checker and grammar checker. Use them!

Tip #4: Read it Backwards
To find those petty punctuation mistakes, try reading your paper from back to front. You'd be surprised at the mistakes you can catch and have fun, too!

Tip #5: Give it Away
Not for good - we just recomment you give your paper to a friend and have them read it. If you wait until midnight the night before the reports is due, reading it out loud to the family pet will suffice!

Tip #6: Was or Is
Check to make sure you keep the same tense throughout the paper - you don't want points docked for such little things.

Tip #7: Be Creative
Be unique. Expecially with your title and introduction, it is important to catch the reader's attention. Use a variety of words, but don't use words you don't understand.

Tip #8: Lookin' Good!
Make your report look its best by putting it in a report folder or add a colorful title page.

Tip #9: Don't Procrastinate
This is the hardest one of all. Do your paper early so you can go play some ball with a clear concious. No one enjoys doing homework at 2a.m.

Tip #10: Writer's Block
Everyone gets stuck every once in a while. If your having this "writer's block" try the following exercise: Write down, on little slips of paper, a variety of topics/subjects/objects. Fold up each peice and put them in a container. Pull out 5 each time you run out of ideas and try to use them in your paper.


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