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Glencoe High Shcool
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Remembering Columbine

A commentary by Jacob of the Class of 1999

It seems as if tragedies come often in this hyped up world of ours. To those who watch the news, the shooting at Columbine High School at Littleton, Colorado, does not come as much of a surprise. Why are we so shocked when violent acts in schools are on the rise?

I'm not surprised, rather torn with grief. The shock of the incident comes as I read about the events at that high school. When I read about the two gunmen going into classrooms at Columbine, I can only visualize Glencoe. Sure this is because I am familiar with Glencoe and it easier to imagine the acts happening at Glencoe rather than some high school in Colorado which I've never seen, but nevertheless I can imagine it happening at Glencoe.

I am not going to say that the same incidents can or can't happen at Glencoe. They might happen, and then again, they might not. While a similar incident might have been inevitable, let me pose a few questions students can ask ourselves about our situation at Glencoe. Are we friendly to all those we come across? Do we make friends rather than enemies? Are we united as students and teachers of Glencoe, or do we have our "groups" and "cliques" that exclude others? Do we walk pass the student eating alone in the cafeteria to eat with our friends? Are we prompt in reporting emergencies to the proper school officials? Do we stand around a chant on fights, or do we alert the proper school officials?

The safety of Glencoe isn't determined by how many doors we lock, but by the students. Should we, as students work together, tragedies may be avoided without harm to others.

I'm not going to say a lot about Columbine, because I don't know if there are words enough to express exactly what I feel. What is there to say when so much has already been said. I would just like to reaffirm, however, that we (Glencoe students) would like to reach out with love to the students at Columbine, although it seems so distant. As Columbine and Glencoe are both senior high schools, I feel a sort of bond between us. I believe that Glencoe shares the sorrow and grief felt in Colorado.

Glencoe students have been actively expressing sorrow for what happened in Littleton. We have been wearing blue ribbons, and we wrote notes to the Columbine Key Club. Also, as pictured below, we dedicated a rose bush in memory of those who have suffered from violent acts.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures below.



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